Delete Row Without Page Submit In Oracle Apex Application

Delete Row Without Page Submit In Oracle Apex Application

How To Delete Report Row Without Page Submit In The Oracle Apex Application. I Hope Everyone Will Like It. Please Watch The Full Video, Comment On Any Of Your Problems, I Will Try My Best To Solve The Problem Inshallah. Everyone's Cooperation Is Desirable. Read All Steps Delete Report Row Without Page Submit.

How To Delete Classic Report Row Without Page Submit In Oracle Apex Application

Oracle Apex Is Recognized As A Strong Tool In The Areas Of Effective Data Management And Interfaces That Are Easy For Users To Navigate. In This Guide, We Will Explore An Important Feature Of Oracle Apex Capability – The Procedure Of Removing Entries From A Report Without Having To Submit A Page. This Method Not Only Simplifies The User's Experience But Also Improves The Efficiency Of Your Oracle Apex Applications. Let's Examine The Ways To Accomplish This Effortlessly.

Understanding the Challenge

The Conventional Method

In The Past, Removing Rows From A Report In Oracle Apex Needed A Page Submission. Users Will Have To Choose Their Options, Send The Modifications, And Subsequently Wait For The Page To Refresh – A Procedure That May Consume Time And Interrupt Their Task Progress.

The Modern Approach

The Scenery Has Transformed, And User Anticipations Have Changed. Nowadays, Users Expect Instant Communications And Promptness. Removing Rows Without Submitting The Whole Webpage Conforms To These Anticipations, Offering A More Fluid And Active User Encounter.

Implementing Deletion Without Page Submission

1. Leveraging Dynamic Actions

Oracle Apex empowers developers with dynamic actions – a feature that enables the creation of actions based on specific events, without requiring page submissions. By harnessing this functionality, you can create a seamless deletion process.

2. Setting Up a Dynamic Action

Begin by identifying the report rows you want to make deletable. Create a dynamic action that triggers when a user interacts with these rows. This could be through a right-click context menu or a dedicated delete button.

3. Defining the Action

Within the dynamic action, specify the action you want to perform – in this case, deletion. Connect this action to the appropriate backend process responsible for deleting the selected row from the database.

4. Refreshing the Report Region

To ensure the user sees the updated data immediately, incorporate a step to refresh the report region. This step enhances the real-time experience and provides immediate visual feedback of the successful row deletion.

5. Testing and Optimization

As with any development process, thorough testing is crucial. Verify that the dynamic action works as intended, deleting the selected row without submitting the entire page. Optimize the process based on user feedback and performance metrics.

Steps How To Delete Report Row Without Page Submit In Oracle Apex

  1. Create Region And Classic Report
  2. Create A Item = P9_delrow
  3. Use The Following Code Inside The Report Code
       '' Del
  from USER_LOC

    4. Change The Type Of P9_DELROW Item = Link
    5. Change link
        Target =


Link Text =

<button class="t-Button t-Button--noLabel t-Button--icon t-Button--stretch lto21536390526165204_0 t-Button--hot" type="button" id="B21536" title="Remove" aria-label="Remove">
   <span class="t-Icon fa fa-trash-o" aria-hidden="true"></span>

    6. Create Dynamic Action
    Name-Delete row Event—Custom - Custom Event
    Custom Event
    Link_Call Selection Type - Item
    Item(s) - P9_DELROW
    True Action—Execute Server-Side Code
    Language = PL/SQL
    PL/SQL Code =

          WHERE id = :P9_DELROW;

    Items to Submit = P9_DELROW
    True Action = Refresh
    Affected Elements
    Selection Type = Region
    Region = Classic Report

    7. Go To Function And Global Variable Declaration

function deleteRowGlobal(recordid, delitem) {
        "APEX.DIALOG.OK": "Yes"
        "APEX.DIALOG.CANCEL": "No"
    apex.message.confirm('Are you sure to remove this row?', function(okPressed) {
        if (okPressed) {
            // Delete it!
            apex.event.trigger('#' + delitem, 'Link_Call', '');
            apex.message.showPageSuccess("One Record Removed....");

Advantages and Considerations


  • Enhanced User Experience: Deleting report rows without page submission enhances user interaction and satisfaction.
  • Performance Optimization: By avoiding full-page submissions, the application's performance and responsiveness are improved.


  • Data Integrity: Ensure that the dynamic action and backend process uphold data integrity rules.
  • User Guidance: Provide clear instructions or visual cues to guide users in utilizing the new deletion process.

In The Field Of Oracle Apex Development, It Is Extremely Important To Ensure A Smooth And Effective User Experience. Removing Report Rows Without Needing A Page Submission Is In Line With Current User Expectations And Improves The Performance Of The Application. By Utilizing Active Measures And Adhering To The Suggested Procedures, You Can Enhance The User-friendliness And Adaptability Of Your Oracle Apex Applications.


In Oracle Application Express (Apex), Controlling And Altering Information Within Reports Is An Important Part Of Creating Database Applications. A Frequent Demand That Programmers Often Encounter Is Removing Rows From Reports Without Having To Submit The Page. In This Detailed Manual, We Will Explore The Complexities Of Completing This Task Effectively. By The Conclusion Of This Article, You Will Possess A Distinct Comprehension Of The Procedure, Backed By Feasible Measures, Top Recommendations, And Practical Knowledge.

Delete Report Row Without Page Submit In Oracle Apex

Removing Report Rows In Oracle Apex Without Needing A Complete Page Submission Is A Crucial Ability That Improves User Satisfaction And Enhances Data Administration. By Attaining This, You Can Offer A Smooth And Quick Application Interface While Upholding The Accuracy Of Information. To Remove A Report Row Without Submitting A Page, Adhere To These Instructions:

  1. Identify the Row: In your Oracle Apex application, locate the report row you wish to delete.

  2. Implement a Dynamic Action: Create a dynamic action associated with a specific event, such as a button click or a custom event triggered by user interaction.

  3. Set Action Attributes: Configure the dynamic action to target the specific report row and define the action you want to perform, which is the deletion of the row.
  4. Execute PL/SQL Code: Within the action, write PL/SQL code to delete the selected row from the underlying database table. Ensure you include error handling to manage exceptions gracefully.
  5. Refresh the Report: After successful deletion, refresh the report region to reflect the changes instantly.
  6. Optimize User Experience: To provide immediate feedback to users, consider incorporating animations or messages that confirm the row's deletion.

By following these steps, you can seamlessly delete report rows without disrupting the user's workflow, thereby enhancing the overall user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I delete multiple rows using this method?

A: Absolutely, you can extend this method to delete multiple rows by iterating through the selected rows and applying the deletion process iteratively.

Q: Is there a risk of data loss with this approach?

A: When properly implemented with confirmation dialogs and transaction management, the risk of data loss is minimized. However, thorough testing is recommended.

Q: Are there any performance considerations?

A: While the process itself is efficient, developers should optimize their PL/SQL code to ensure smooth and quick data deletion, especially when dealing with larger datasets.

Q: Can I customize the user feedback messages?

A: Yes, Oracle Apex provides flexibility to customize user feedback messages, allowing you to tailor them to your application's tone and style.

Q: Does this method work with all report types in Oracle Apex?

A: Yes, this method is applicable to various report types within Oracle Apex, including interactive reports and classic reports.

Q: How can I further enhance the user experience after row deletion?

A: To enhance the user experience, consider incorporating animations or transitioning effects that visually signify the row's deletion and refreshing the report region seamlessly.


To Sum Up, Becoming Skilled At Removing Report Rows Without Having To Submit The Page In Oracle Apex Allows Developers To Make Efficient And User-friendly Applications. By Following The Indicated Actions, Sticking To Recommended Methods, And Utilizing Professional Advice, You Can Confidently Apply This Method In Your Projects. Improve User Satisfaction, Uphold Data Accuracy, And Optimize Your Oracle Apex Applications With This Crucial Ability.

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